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    Heyri Art Valley (헤이리 문화예술마을), Provence Village (프로방스 마을), Paju Lotte premium outlet(파주롯데프리미엄아울렛)

    Wake the artistic spirit in you!

    Price :
    adult 27,000 WON/with coupon 18,900 WON
    Number of person : 45 seats (min 30pax)
    Regional : Paju
    Vehicle : chartered bus
    Includes :transportation
    Depature :

    you can reserve as you choose the daparting date

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Only an hour away from Seoul, there is a peaceful and beautiful village for artists.

Korean artists of various specialties such as writers, painters, actors, architects and musicians constructed the cultural town of Heyri. Within this community there are residences, workrooms, art galleries and museums. Artists make a living by opening exhibitions, trading or selling their art. Currently, there are about 40 museums, exhibitions, concert halls and bookstores, and around 30~40 more are expected to be added. Currently about 10 cafes and food courts are included in these buildings for the convenience of its visitors.

Aesthetics and striking architectures built in environmentally-friendly way await you. There are beautiful buildings that are built by Korea’s nest-known architects.

There are small galleries, museums, caf?, and artist’s residence in this ecological village.

There are some must visit places in Heyri.

One of them is Kim Eun-ho’s Bookhouse which is actually a 30,000-book library, a restaurant, an exhibition hall and a caf?, all encased in shell of gorgeous Malaysian hardwoods.

The filming location of Boys Before Flowers were also filmed in Farmer's Table restaurant in Heyri.

You can also enjoy various exhibitions, galleries and museums of different themes.


Beginning with a chic French restaurant in 1996, Provence Village is a themed village with a shabu-shabu restaurant, a garden restaurant offering delicious grilled meat, a Provence Living Gallery decorated with beautiful interior designs, an Herb Village full of sweet fragrance, a Fashion Gallery, a European bakery and cafes.

Oh! Don’t miss garlic bread that is well-known in Provence Village.


Our last destination is Paju Lotte Premium Outlet. This is Korea’s largest premium outlet in Korea, offering more than 200 international and Korean luxury brands at affordable prices.

There are also additional facilities including a cultural center, cultural hall, gallery and a book store where you can relax.