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    Petite France(쁘띠프랑스), The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원), Donggureung(동구릉)

    Keep Calm and Stay Peaceful

    Price :
    adult 46,000 WON
    Number of person : 45 seats (min 30pax)
    Regional : Gapyeong
    Vehicle : chartered bus
    Includes :transportation, entrance fee
    Depature :

    you can reserve as you choose the daparting date

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The concept of Petite France encapsulates flowers, stars, and the Little Prince. The village contains a memorial hall dedicated to Saint-Exupery, the author of the celebrated French novel, Le Petit Prince (1943) and as such it is called the Little Prince theme park. It also has a gallery displaying sculptures and paintings of le coq gaulois (the Gallic rooster), the national symbol of France; Orgel House where a 200-year-old music box plays a sweet melody; a shop that sells herbal and aromatic products; a souvenir shop; and many other locales where you can experience French culture. The village can accommodate up to 200 visitors with 34 guest rooms that hold four to ten people each. There is a restaurant, a caf? and a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs.
There are also various shows. Enjoy the marionette experience and hear percussion instruments from around the world, and also enjoy soap bubble experience.

Photo zones are displayed where you can take great photos for memorable souvenirs.


The Petite France is also well-known for filming location of Korean dramas. Among them are “Beethoven Virus”, “Secret Garden” and the recently concluded “The Man from the Stars”. 

It will be interesting to visit the place where the famous dramas were filmed!

And if you are very lucky, you might even get the chance to watch the shooting spot!



The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원), a 30,000 flower garden, opens year-round for your enjoyment. The moment you enter the garden, you will see that it is a paradise for photographers, tourists, families and couples. The thousands of varieties of flowers coupled with pine trees, release an unforgettable aroma into the air that causes all worries to quickly melt away.


Donggureung Tombs are located in a large forest area, and is the resting place of Joseon kings. There are nine royal mausoleums and seventeen graves in total. The tomb is very large compared to other tombs in Korea, and because of the large forest, the surrounding scenery is very beautiful. The nine royal mausoleums include Joseon Dynastys founder King Taejo (1335-1408), which is called Geonwolleung (건원릉). All over the mausoleums are thick forests, and between the graves there are trail walks, ideal for long leisurely walks. An especially famous part of the Donggureung Tomb area is the historically significant purple eulalia reeds growing there. The long reeds are said to have been transplanted from King Taejos hometown of Hamheung. It carries with it 600 years of Joseon History within it.