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    Haegang Ceramics Museum (해강도자미술관), Cerapia(세라피아), Icheon Lotte oulet(이천 롯데 프리미엄 아웃렛)

    Let's visit the Korean Ceramics viliage, Icheon and make our very own pottery!

    Price :
    adult 37,000 WON
    Number of person : 45 seats (min 30pax)
    Regional : Icheon(Gyeonggi Province)
    Vehicle : chartered bus
    Includes :transportation,guide,entrance fee,lunch
    Depature :

    you can reserve as you choose the daparting date

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The Haegang Ceramics Museum (해강도자미술관) is Korea’s first museum dedicated to ceramics. It displays ceramic crafted works, the very essence of Korean traditional art, including the celebrated ceradon porcelain, as well as punch’ong ware, and white porcelain. The main building, which strikes harmony between the basic frameworks of Eastern and Western architecture, offers something to see in and of itself. The museum was founded by the late Yu Geun-hyeong (pen name Haegang) and his son Yu Gwang-yeol (pen name Haegang) in the spring of 1990; it fosters the inherited traditions of Korea’s ceramics culture and strives to develop it further. In addition to exhibiting and preserving traditional ceramics, the museum is engaged in various academic activities and publishes relevant materials. It is contributing to cultural preservation and development by educating Korea’s youth and public about ceramics.

The Cerapia (Icheon World Ceramic Center) is an exhibition center of contemporary ceramic works that is run by the World Ceramic Exposition Foundation. The Ceramic Center has three permanent exhibition halls which feature around 500 contemporary ceramic works by Korean and foreign artists; and one special exhibition hall which features works done for the World Ceramic Biennale International Ceramic Workshop event. 

 With a total area of 53,000, the three-storey mall, Icheon Lotte Premium Outlet is now the largest mall of its kind in Asia. The outlet currently houses 353 brands and a special exhibition on ceramics, Icheon’s local specialty. 

In addition to the stores, the outlet has eight themed gardens, a food court and resting areas. Visitors can also enjoy shopping at 20 to 80 percent off the original price of various brand items.


After lunch, the group will have a Ceramics Tour at KwangJuYo.


The program includes a tour through the traditional Korean ceramics factory observing and understanding how ceramics are made, Craft experience making spoon saucer and shopping.

KwangJuYo also offers discount on Icheon ceramics. So, if you are interested in beautiful Korean ceramics, this is a great chance to buy them!

Cerapia(Icheon),Haegang Ceramics Museum (해강도자미술관),Icheon Lotte oulet(이천 롯데 프리미엄 아웃렛) It was ausome fantastic trip. (17,658) (0)