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    Suwon Hwaseong(수원화성), Ho-Am Art Museum (호암미술관), Jeongja-dong Caf? Street (정자동 카페거리)

    Stay Classy. From Unesco designated fortress, Art Museum to Caf? Street.

    Price :
    adult 34,000 WON
    Number of person : 45 seats (min 30pax)
    Regional : Suwon, Anseong
    Vehicle : chartered bus
    Includes :transportation,entrance fee
    Depature :

    you can reserve as you choose the daparting date

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Hwaseong Fortress is an impressive structure from the latter part of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and the official fortress of Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do.

The fortress wall stretches for a total of 5.52km and has a great variety of military facilities thats hard to find anywhere else. Four gates face each of the cardinal directions?Janganmun (north), Paldalmun (south), Changnyongmun (east), and Hwaseomun (west)?and the seven-arch style Sumun gates straddle the point where the nearby stream reaches the palace. Above the Sumun gates is a pavilion called Hwahongmun. 

The fortress was designated as Historical Monument No. 3 in January 1963, and in December 1997, it was designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. 



Ho-Am Art Museum displays over 15,000 works of art that come from all periods of Koreas history and date all the way back to the pre-historic age.The exhibitions is spread over two floors and located in a building constructed in the traditional Hanok style.

Ho-Am Art Museum also includes a re-creation of a Korean traditional garden, called the Hee Won Garden, which should not be missed. Stonewalls, pavilions, traditional Hanok buildings, and Buddhist statues are scattered amongst glorious flowers and reflected in the lotus pond.

Jeongja-dong Caf? Street starting from Neulpureun High School to Geumgok-dong, is lined with charming cafes with lovely terraces. The wide array of cafes along the street boasts delicious food as well as chic atmosphere. Reminiscent of street cafes in Europe, Jeongja-dong Caf? Street has become a popular attraction among visitors who enjoy reading or promenading. It is also a fabulous spot for couples.

Suwon Hwaseong(수원화성), Ho-Am Art Museum (호암미술관), Jeongja-dong Caf? Street (정자동 카페거리) Different mood with Kungbock palace. It was great performence of troops. (3,214) (1)