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    Gahak Mine Cave (가학 광산 동굴), Waemok Village (왜목마을), Janggohang (장고항)

    Let's escape to the cool cave from hot summer! Enjoy fried mini crabs as a snack!

    Price :
    adult 30,000 WON
    Number of person : 45 seats (min 30pax)
    Regional : Dangjin
    Vehicle : chartered bus
    Includes :transportation fee
    Depature :

    you can reserve as you choose the daparting date

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This summer is too hot!!! Gahak Mine Cave is the first place where you can get cool air. The cave had been the biggest mine in the capital area from 1912 to 1972 in the japanese colonial era. The length of the cave is 7.8km and the depth is 275m. People used this mine cave as a refuge during the Korean War. Recently it had been opened about 1km in 40years. So Let's look around how this cave has gone through years.


Do you think this is enough to escape from the hot weather?! I don't think so. So we are going to go to the second one called Waemok Village. Waemok Village is famous as the only place where you can see sunrise and sunset in the same area in the west coast. While you are exploring the foreshore, you will have lunch. We don't provide lunch, so try the local food with your new friends. 
Also be sure to bring swimming suit or spare clothes to play in the water.


Before you leave for Hongdae, let's go to Janggohang. 'hang' means 'port' in korean. Janggohang is small and calm. There are some mini craps and seashells.

Here is a surprise for our Chinchin Tour travlers.

The leader will cook the mini crabs that you caught in the tidefield!

Fried mini crabs are perfect for snacks!!


So, let's join and have some fun!


Waemok Village (왜목마을), Gahak Mine Cave (가학 광산 동굴), Janggohang (장고항) It was an amazing trip! (78,490) (0)