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    Daebudo Trekking (대부도), Dongju Salt field (동주염전), Fishing Village (어촌마을)

    Let's go goby fish to the Hawaii of Ansan!

    Price :
    adult 37,000 WON
    Number of person : 45 seats (min 30pax)
    Regional : Daebudo (대부도)
    Vehicle : chartered bus
    Includes :transportation, entrance fee
    Depature :

    you can reserve as you choose the daparting date

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Called the Hawaii of Ansan, Daebudo was an island before it became a part of mainland through the construction of Sihwa Embankment. Still, Daebudo retains the ambiance of an island. The road to Daebudo, which connects many islands, offers a unique drive. Particularly interesting is the clustering of Yukdo (six islands): Tando (island of black stones), Buldo (island where there was a Buddha), Seongamdo (island where wizards came and played), and the three other islands. Pungdo Island residents move to the nearby Dorido Island to pick oysters and short-necked clams in the winter and return to Pungdo before New Year.

The shores of Daebudo are full of clams, sea snails, goby, flounder, black rockfish and belly greenling. The Daebudo area is also famous for its local specialties: short-necked clams and oysters on Yukdo, fermented turban shells and natural dunggeulle tea on Pungdo, and bajirak kalguksu (noodle with short-necked clams) on Daebudo.


We are going to visit Sihwa-Lake Tidal Power Culture Pavilion that has opened recently. It was build to celebrate the world largest Sihwa-Lake Tidal Pavilion. It offers exhibitions related to tidal power pavilion and various amenities. From the top of the building, there is Moon Observatory where visitors can enjoy the scenic view of the sunset.   


Jonghyun fishing village offers unique experiences such as goby fishing and tideland experience well-known for its clarity. We’ll do goby fishing in this environment-friendly fishing village!

For lunch, you can enjoy Noodle Soup with Daebudo’s representative marine product, short-neck clam.


Dongju Salt Field is best-known for its mineral salt and beautiful glow of the sunset. Our west coast salt contains more than two times of mineral than the luxury French ‘Gros Sel’. Our salt contains 15% of mineral while Gu?rande Salt contains only 6%.

Many people visit Dongju Salt Field to experience various activities such as fishing and tideland experience. We can learn and observe the making process of solar salt.

Dongju Salt Field is attracting visitors with Salt History Museum, various activities, Salt Road and Salt Theme Park.  


We are going to collect the solar salt and you can even take it back with you!