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    Pocheon Art Valley (포천아트밸리), Sanjeong Lake (포천 산정호수), Traditional Liquor Museum Sansawon (전통술박물관 산사원)

    Beatiful scenery of Sanjeong lake along with Korean tradtional alcohol. Nothing better than this!

    Price :
    adult 42,000 WON
    Number of person : 45 seats (min 30pax)
    Regional : Pocheon
    Vehicle : chartered bus
    Includes :transportation,guide,entrance fee
    Depature :

    you can reserve as you choose the daparting date

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Have you heard about once an abandoned granite quarry that has transformed into a cultural art place?

Pocheon Art Valley is a complex cultural place which was neglected for years a stone pit was closed down.

It boasts a wonderful breathtaking view of cliffs, forest and lake.

You can either take the monorail or simply walk up the hill to reach Cheonjuho Park with various sculptures, a performance stage, an observatory, exhibition spaces, and of course the marvelous lake in the center of the pit which is definitely the most scenic point.

You will arrive to an open-air granite sculpture park with a fantastic view of crystal clear Cheonjuho (Cheonju Lake) surrounded by precipitous cliffs. This artificially created lake filled with rain and spring water is home to crawfish, salamander and minnow.

You can take beautiful pictures and have wonderful memories that will last forever.

Pocheon Art Valley is no doubt one of the must-visit places!

Compared to Sanjeong Lake, Cheonjuho was just a foretaste. Meaning lake as clear as a mountain well, majestic Sanjeong Lake is the main attraction of Pocheon. Sanjeong Lake is located down in the valleys between Mt. Myeongseong, Mt. Mangbong, and Mangmu Peak. Along the promenades you can enjoy wonderful sceneries and this is a perfect picture spot! Take some awesome pictures to enrich your instagram haha.

A small tip! It gives the best view when the fog rises from the lake. It is said that it is most likely to happen in spring and fall, so dont miss it!

Sanjeong Lake gives such an amazing view that even late North Korean leader Kim Il-sung had his villa near the lake to enjoy the scenery for vacation when North Korea occupied the region before the Korean War.

Interested in Korean traditional alcohol?

This will be the most awesome place for you!


Sansawon is a traditional liquor gallery/museum that offers a variety of experience programs.


Here you can access to samples of dozens of various types of alcohols. You can also try traditional Korean delicacies such as rice cakes, Sanghwa dumplings, pickled vegetable soaked in rice wine leftovers, rice punch) to go with the drink.

The museum displays over 1,000 historical documents on traditional liquor as well as liquor brewery devices such as yakteul, nureukteul, gyeobogary, and sojugori.

If you want to learn more, you can head out to the garden and observe the traditional brewing process.

This is definitely a worthy trip!